My favorite thing said to me today


Sometimes somebody says something to you and it’s just too beautiful not to share, but way too inappropriate to share with any of the people around you. That’s what blogs are for.

This was shouted at me, over the Internet. I laughed so hard I looked like I was having a seizure. Only the first part is true. I am a vegetarian.


Airing resentments day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, so today I’m going to declare today National Airing of Grievances Day!

Resentments fester if kept under wraps, so in order to make room for gratitude I’m letting out my grievances. That’s horseshit of course. I’m just grumpy and pissed off that I can’t over indulge on mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie tomorrow. So today I pout, for tomorrow I must pretend to be gratefull.

In response to the googs

Over on Pajiba, Jodi Clager posted a piece on the inequality in male and female nudity in film.  googergeiger commented that no one wanted to see limp cock.  I countered that it depended on the cock and the situation.  He accused me of being into domination games.  I laughed really hard, and then I told him I laughed really hard. 

But really, what he’s saying is that a penis is only attractive if it’s ready for action.  Not true.  Certainly some penises are more attractive than others, but they really aren’t any less attractive than vaginas.  After the break, an NSFW picture of a non-porn star attractive naked man.

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Beautiful yarn

I went to the yarn shop I discovered near my current resting spot today, and left my wallet at home (on purpose).  Oh, but I want these yarns!!!




The second one is $37 a skein and the first is $6.50.  So, I know which one I’m buying.