An ongoing list of the books I plan to review for CBR6, though not necessarily in this order

suggestions are welcome

Goal – Half Cannonball, 26 books

1. The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan – Mrs. Julien and Malin wore me down

2. A Dirty Job, Christopher Moore

3. Neverwhere and Stardust, Neil Gaiman

4. Whenever the new Dresden Files book comes out – that one

5. Russell Brand, My BookyWook

6. Kill City Blues, Richard Kadrey

PJ O’Rourke, Holiday in Heck

Doomesday Book, Connie Willis

Paul Auster, Moon Palace

Seanan McGuire Chimes at Midnight & Indexing.


Why I don’t like Christmas

No matter what else is going on, good or bad, the black hole of depression appears sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In a bad year it will appear before Halloween.  Some years I get sucked in and don’t reappear for months.  Some years it just hangs out at the edges sucking away any extra exuberance and joy.   Sometime in March it goes away, usually.

Tonight, while I was washing dishes, I realized it was there in the room with me.  Hello black hole of depression.  I haven’t missed you.   Please sit in the corner over there and have some cookies.

Be careful what you tweet

In a desperate attempt to be funny I tweeted a paleo recipe in a response to a request for gluten free recipes.  It was for cauliflower buns.  As a reward, a paleo twitter account decided to follow me.  I had to confess I am the opposite of paleo – a gluten loving vegetarian.  Ah well.  Better luck next time @YourPaleoGuide.

Edited to add:

These are much worse.

I’m a Disappointment to Several People Right Now

And I’m ok with it.

constant source

I’m just ok, not happy, or great, or uncaring.  I have accepted that I am going to be a disappointment to people.  I am a people pleaser by nature, but have learned over time that nothing I do is going to make people happy with me all of the time.  There’s an inherent problem with trying to make other people happy – I’m not a manifestation of their consciousness.   I am an entirely separate entity balancing many competing demands, concerns, wants and needs.  I am doing the best I can with the resources I have at hand.  I am often a disappointment to myself.   If I must choose between disappointing you or disappointing me, I’m going to choose disappointing you.   Because when I disappoint you, it’s generally because I’ve chosen to do something that benefits my sense of self and self-respect.   When I disappoint myself, I’ve done something that hurts me far worse than I could ever hurt you.

So folks, while you are being disappointed in me, please keep in mind that I’ll do it again and again.  I will be a constant source of disappointment, because I will always choose to be true to myself.