I am bad at dying people and yet, here I am again

Seriously.  My father has been the care giver for a friend of his, Steve, who is dying of cancer.  Due to too long a story to tell, Steve is sleeping on my couch tonight.  He has pooped himself, and won’t allow me to help.  And I don’t know what I can do anyway.  I can’t carry him to the bathroom.  Unless my dad dies in an accident, he’s going to die in a hospital.  I am good at a lot of thing.  Caring for someone who is about to die is not one of them.  I am good at the being present part, but there is a lot more involved than being present.


2 thoughts on “I am bad at dying people and yet, here I am again

  1. I have absolutely nothing of value to add here, since you’re one up on me if you’re good at the being present. But I felt compelled to acknowledge this post. For what it’s worth, I’m doing the Scanners thing (but in a good, positive, non-making-heads-explode way). Good to see you posting again.

    • Thanks. It’s been stressful and I had the flu, which sucked. The good news is that a bed opened up and an ambulance came and took Steve to Christopher House. I am just not equipped to provide care to someone who is bigger than I am, and unable to help themself. I have nothing but the greatest respect for people who work in hospice.

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